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  • Very pleased with the service I have received at Farr Tires, including buying tires, annual inspection and oil changes. The service is always prompt and staff always courteous. An added benefit is that you can walk across to the Capital City Mall and wait there until the job is done. I will definitely recommend this company.

  • The product selection and service was the best ever. I got four new tires in a short time for a very good price. This is a locally owned company that stands behind their work. It is not possible to get the same quality service at big retailers. For consumers who care about service and keeping their business local, this is your west shore location for the best in all categories.

  • I had black steel wagon wheels put on my 1998 Jeep Cherokee back in 2007 when Farr was still in Palymra. They did a great job and displayed a very personable staff. During the installation one associate indicated they could even paint my calipers free of charge for me while my wheels were off. Overall; great service and prices. I hope to stop by again.


  • Great quality work, some of the best service I have had in a while. Tire prices with mount and balance are better than tire rack. Will always do my traction associated business with Farr Family Tire.

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